ORCSGirls Junior

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About the program

The Junior program is directed towards girls in grades 2-4 with the goal of extending ORCSGirls' age range through specific classes and camps. It is created and run by ORCSGirls volunteer Katie Bates!

I'm super excited to see what you all create! <3


May 25 - Artificial Intelligence with OceanAI

Virtual class

2pm to 4pm - Eastern Time.

Artificial intelligence is all around us, but how does it work? Through code.org's OceanAI program, girls will explore the wonders of machine learning and how it affects our everyday lives.


June 14 - Robotics Day Camp

In Person - Blount County Public Library, Maryville, TN

9am to 2pm - Eastern Time.

Robots come in all different forms: robotic arms, machines, and even robots that drive around! At this one-day camp, the girls will explore how robots move and interpret commands through Edison robots.

July 22-25 - Scratch Camp

Virtual event

10am to 12pm - Eastern Time.

Learn how to use block coding to make a video game on Scratch! Through 4 days, girls will explore the world of video game design to make a fully-functioning game with sounds, changing colors, and more! 

Past Camps