Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire middle school girls in East Tennessee to actively explore the possibilities of technology to empower their future careers and to close the gender gap in the technology profession. 

ORCSGirls in the News


ORCSGirls was founded by Thomas Proffen in January 2017 as a non profit to inspire girls in the Oak Ridge area to explore technology, coding and science expanding the program JMSCSGirls he started at Jefferson Middle School

Thomas has long been active in bringing coding and technology to Middle School students in the area, as organizer of the da Vinci Arts & Science Fair, as mentor of the First Lego League Team Atomic Eagles, teaching after school class on computer simulations leading to a series of computing classes as part of JMSCSGirls. These efforts were inspired by his daughters  joining up with a friend and participating in ProjectCSGirls with their VR MRI Simulator project.