Current classes

We are  offering on coding and technology for  girls in grades 5-10. Classes are free unless a materials fee is listed. Please note, all times are in Eastern Time.  Take note of our no-show and repeat class policies

Difficulty rating: ⭐- no experience needed, ⭐⭐ - some coding experience helpful , ⭐⭐⭐ - some coding experience needed

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April 2024

April 20 - The Magic of Binary ⭐⭐

In Person - Roane State Community College, Oak Ridge, TN

9am to noon - Eastern Time.

Expressing numbers as just 0 and 1s also known as binary is the foundation of how computers work. In this class you will learn all about binary numbers including how to convert them, binary math and even how they help to correct errors.

April 27 - Game Physics

In Person - Roane State Community College, Oak Ridge, TN

9am to noon - Eastern Time.

Did you know that most video games use a physics engine to control how objects behave, roll, fall and in general behave based on real world or alien planets physics laws? In this workshop you will create your own 3D game and explore game physics using CoSpaces (

May 2024

May 11 - Creating tours in VR

In Person - Blount County Public Library, Maryville, TN

10am to 3pm- Eastern Time.

Virtual Reality or the ability to step inside another world. Learn about how Virtual Reality (VR) works, create your very own virtual tour in CoSpaces. The girls will use 360 degree cameras to  create phot spheres of each tour location. Having an iPhone or Android phone is helpful in exploring VR, but not required to attend.

Lunch will be provided.

May 18 - Build Your Own Voice App with Voiceflow

Virtual class

10am to Noon - Eastern Time.

Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant are very popular technologies allowing you to interact with technology by just talking. What makes those technologies work? The answer is Artificial Intelligence-powered software, like apps! You don’t need to work for Amazon or Google to build apps for Alexa and Google Assistant. Anyone can write apps! In this workshop, students will learn how to build their own voice apps using the Voiceflow free platform.

May 25 - Where Do Emojis Come From?

Virtual class

10am to Noon - Eastern Time.

Everyone loves emojis. But who decides on new emojis? How are are emojis and text stored in computer memory? In this fun class you will learn the secrets of emojis and get hands-on experience with them.