Code Some Chords Challenge 🎧🎶🎹

We asked the girls to become a recording engineer and create a short song using the online platform EarSketch. In addition to making a short song, the girls could submit an optional music video.

Overall First Place

Edie Weston - Song - EarSketch Project


First Place

Amari Gibson - Song, EarSketch Project

Honorable Mention

Carolina Shank - Movie / Song, EarSketch Project


First Place

Suchita Srinivasan - Song, EarSketch Project

Honorable Mention

Kirsten Moor - Song, EarSketch Project


First Place

Sloan Mann - Movie, EarSketch Project

Honorable Mention

Leah Thelen - Song, EarSketch Project

Access all songs the girls created here.

Congratulations to all participants and winners ✨