Advanced Environment Monitoring Camp

June 22 - 25, 2021

1pm - 5pm (EDT)

Welcome to the Advanced Environment Monitoring Camp.

We will use a Raspberry Pi Zero and the Enviro monitoring extension designed for indoor monitoring, letting you measure temperature, pressure, humidity, light, and noise level. It's great for keeping tabs on what's going on in rooms in your house, office, or elsewhere. We will push the data to the Adafruit Internet of Things cloud allowing us to view the data remotely from anywhere. It is going to be cool.

General notes

  • Please check in every day using the Check in button on the right.

  • In order to get to your breakout room, please enter the password given in class and click Access. Then click the button for your room which was assigned in class.


Example files

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Raspberry Pi Setup

In case you have not done this already - the SD card in the Raspberry Pi needs to be re-flashed because of a configuration error we did not catch.

Steps to update SD card:

  • Remove MicroSD card from Raspberry Pi Zero

  • Use USB adapter - insert card in adapter and insert in USB port of your computer

  • DO NOT click on format disk (Windows prompts you to format disk)

  • Use balenaEtcher to flash the image file you downloaded onto the MicroSD card. Make sure you selected the correct destination drive (your MicroSD card)

  • Once done insert the MicroSD card back into the Raspberry Pi

Connect to your Wifi:

The easiest way to connect the Raspberry Pi is using a phone and the BerryLan App. It allows you to provide the WiFi name and password to the device using your phone's Bluetooth. This is only needed for the initial setup on the first day. If possible, please install the app before the camp starts. Here are the links BerryLan App for Android and iPhone.

Assemble case:

Instructions can be found here:

Python resources

Adafruit Cloud

Here are the resources needed to add your data to the Adafruit cloud. You will need to create an account first.

Adafruit API and Making an App

Select 'File -> Save a Copy in Drive' to make a copy to work on. Have fun :)

Document to enter your Adafruit IO usernames

For questions, contact