Wonder Women Robotics Camp

Camp Directors: Amelie Nagle & Thomas Proffen

Thank you for attending 🙂🤖🎪✨

Welcome to the 4th Wonder Women Robotics Camp 2022 🙂 The camp runs March 14-16 and 21-23 from 4-6pm EST each day. On Wednesday, March 23, we are inviting all family and friends to join the parent showcase, celebrate the girls and be amazed by the robot dances they created.

Participants will need

  • Box with camp materials we shipped to you.

  • A computer to program on (only a web browser is needed) with a USB-A port.

  • A webcam and microphone to join the virtual meetings.

  • Reliable internet.

  • A ruler, pen and paper for some activities

General links

Other videos

Checkout the robot dances

Meet the Team

Look for your name to see which team and counselor you are assigned to.

Camp Director: Amelie

I’m Amelie, a Senior at Oak Ridge High School. I’m one of the Camp Directors of the Wonder Women Robotics Camp and am super excited to meet all of you! I’m on the FIRST robotics team, The Secret City Wildbots and have been doing robotics since 4th grade. I’m planning to major in computer science or mathematics in college.

Counselor: Alex

Campers: Aasiyah, Camila, MariaJose, Nadia, Nethni, Sarah, Sofia Imane

Hey! I’m Alex aka Supergirl. I’m in 12th grade this year at Oak Ridge High School. I’ve worked at this camp for 3 years and I have made 3 different classes for ORCS Girls focusing on combining computer science and art. I want to be a mechanical engineer and play with robots for my career.

Counselor: Jessica

Campers: Anna, Leah, Pavithra, Samantha, Talulah, Vivian

Hey guys! My name is Jessica. I’m currently a senior at Oak Ridge High School. I have been counseling at this camp for the past three years and love all things to do with STEM. I plan on attending Maryville College to major in Computer Science. I look forward to working with all of you.

Counselor: Eva

Campers: Aanya, Josephine, Laila, Londynn, Morgan

Hello! I’m Eva. I’m a senior at Oak Ridge High School. I’m on the robotics team and have volunteered with ORCSGirls before. I plan to major in bioengineering. I’m excited to meet you all!

Counselor: Grace

Campers: Aadhya, Advika, Ameli, Eliana, Emily, Mahi

Hi, I’m Grace (or Gamora). I’m a sophomore at Farragut High School and am on the coding and robotics team. I was a counselor last year and also volunteer with ORCSGirls sometimes. I’m excited to meet you guys and be a counselor again this year!

Counselor: Leah

Campers: Adriana, Katie, Kiara, Rosalie, Shayla, Thuviksa

Hi, I’m Leah. I am in 7th grade, and I am a homeschooler. 😎 I am passionate about Jesus and ending plastic pollution; I also play the violin and a few other artistic activities that can inspire my computer programs! A couple years ago, I participated in this camp, and last year I was a counselor. I believe, with dedication, you all will do great things with this robot, and can use what you’ve learned to change the world!