Virtual Wonder Women Robotics Camp

Camp is over - see you next year.

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What is it?

Welcome to the Wonder Women Robotics Camp! Tuesday, July 7th - Friday, July 10th - 9AM - 4PM EDT daily. Parents, feel free to join in for presentations and an award ceremony Friday at 1:00 EDT.

Are you ready to learn how to build and program a dancing micro:bit robot that they will be able to keep after the camp? You will be be learning from high school girls who organized the camp and will have the opportunity to talk with women in the STEM and IT workforce. The camp is financially supported by a grant from AspireIT, an NCWIT program.

Also feel free to join us for a Open House on Monday, July 6th 6PM EDT. This optional meeting is a chance for parents and campers to meet the counselors and debug any issues you have with Google Meet. You can also ask any questions you might have before the start of camp.

Materials Needed:

  • A computer to program on (only a web browser is needed)

  • A device with a webcam and microphone to join the virtual meeting (can be the same as the programming computer)

  • Reliable internet

  • Camp provided box of materials

  • A space to drive your robot


  • Extra materials to build a maze on Thursday (masking tape, sticky notes, books, pens/pencils)

  • Ruler

Meet the Counselors

I’m Amelie, a rising Junior at Oak Ridge High School. I’m one of the Camp Directors of the Wonder Women Robotics Camp and am super excited to meet all of you! I’m on the FIRST robotics team, The Secret City Wildbots and have been doing robotics since 4th grade because I love programming and mathematics. When I’m not at robotics, I’m usually reading a Sci-Fi book or playing cello.

Team Supergirl

Supergirl (aka Glitter Lollypops aka Alex) - Hi! I'm Alex, one of the Camp Directors and your counselor for the 2020 Wonder Women robotics camp. I will be a junior at Oak Ridge High School this coming fall. I love math, robotics, and how the brain works. I've figured out my backup career but still haven't narrowed down the career path in STEM I would like to take. My favorite drink is a strawberry banana smoothie. I play volleyball for Oak Ridge High School Varsity team. I also am part of the Oak Ridge High School Robotics team, the Secret City Wildbots. I love going outside on walks around the marina and painting. I'm super excited to meet all of you and program some robots! See you soon!

Dr. Thomas Proffen - Dr. Proffen is the founder and CEO of ORCSGirls. He has long been active in bringing coding and technology to Middle School students in the area, as organizer of the da Vinci Arts & Science Fair, as mentor of the First Lego League Team Atomic Eagles, teaching after school class on computer simulations leading to a series of computing classes as part of JMSCSGirls. These efforts were inspired by his daughter joining up with a friend and participating in ProjectCSGirls with their VR MRI Simulator project.


Zoie, Julia, Kate, Autumn, Dianna, Caris, Suriana, Leah T

Team Captain Marvel and Batwoman

Captain Marvel (aka Sarah) I'm Sarah AKA Captain Marvel! I am a rising high school freshman and student pilot. I am so happy to be a counselor for the Wonder Women Robotics Camp because I love STEM and am so excited I can be able to help other girls learn about robotics!

Batwoman (aka Julianna) Julianna is a rising freshman and a member of the Oak Ridge High School's robotics team. She greatly enjoys both computer science and math. She is developing an app that uses machine learning to automatically detect gunfire and alert law enforcement during a school shooting. Last year, she was named a ProjectCSGirls National Winner for her app. In her spare time, Julianna enjoys reading, playing the piano, and hiking in the Smoky Mountain National Park. Julianna has loved volunteering at ORCSGirls events and greatly looks forward to the Wonder Women robotics camp!


Leah B, Danielle, Katie, Gloria, Allena, Caroline, Shyann

Team Black Widow and Gamora

Black Widow (aka Jessica) Jessica is a rising Junior at Oak Ridge High School. She loves math and is excited to build robots with you!

Gamora (aka Grace)- Hello all! I’m Grace (or Gamora). I’m a rising freshman at Farragut High School. Over this year, I have been exposed to coding like I was never before. A lot of that goes to all the events ORCSGirls has hosted and co-hosted, including their classes, the CoSpaces competition, Scratch competition, and even this very camp itself. I really hope to help each one of you discover (or possibly rediscover) how amazing and fun technology can be! :D


Tianna, Lina, Cassie, Gwen, Chloe, Anjolie, Reagan, Ada

Team Catwoman and Harley Quinn

Catwoman (aka Lindsey) I'm Lindsey, I'm a rising 10th grader from Oak Ridge High School. I'm on the robotics team The Secret City Wildbots. I do robotics because the people there are a good group of friends. But, the reason I love robotics is because it seems that everytime I walk into the shop I learn something new. Other than robotics I like reading, knitting, mathematics, biking, and playing board games. I am also an active Senior Girl Scout.

Harley Quinn (aka Ashley)- Hey y’all my names Ashley and I’m a rising freshman at Oak Ridge High School. I have always been interested in learning new things which is why 2 years ago I joined the secret city wildbots and instantly got into electrical engineering and programming. In my free time you will either find me painting, practicing guitar or watching tv, hanging with friends, and going for walks. I have loved being apart of FIRST robotics and am very excited to meet/work with all of you!


Ronni, Juni, Ananya, Natalie, Peyton, Uma, Chelsea, Victoria

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With help from FRC Team 4265 The Secret City Wildbots