Environment Monitoring Camp

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Setup Steps

CircuitPython UF2 file (Use this to install CircuitPython)

EnviroFeather Initial Code (Download, unzip and copy folder content to device)

Instructions on Adafruit Site

Install CircuitPython on ESP32 Device

Plotting values with Mu Editor

TFT Display - Writing on the display screen

BME680 - Pressure, Humidity, Temperature and Gas (VOC)

VCNL4040 - Light and Proximity

Example code

Making an App

API link (change to match your feed): https://io.adafruit.com/api/v2/tproffen/feeds/temperature/data?limit=1

JSON formatter: https://www.jsonformatter.io/

App Lab : Establish an account or join class code KFWBSZ

Example App (using my feed)


Battery Power: LiPo rechargeable battery - How to read battery charge and voltage in Python

Mu Editor Download

CircuitPython Libraries

Python Cheat Sheets

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Day 2

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Camp Information

Environment Monitoring Camp

In this camp the girls will be using a microcontroller and environmental sensors for indoor monitoring. They will measure temperature, humidity, and air quality. It's great for keeping tabs on what's going on in rooms in your house, office, or elsewhere. They will learn to push the data to the Adafruit Internet of Things cloud allowing us to view the data remotely from anywhere. It is going to be cool.


  • July 18 - 21, 2022 from 4pm - 7pm (EDT)


  • The camp is open to girls who are raising 6th to 9th graders.

  • Participants need to reside in the US or its territories.

  • A computer, webcam and Internet access are required.

  • The camp fee is $50 and a limited number of scholarships are available.

  • All materials will be shipped to participants before the camp.

  • Application are closed.

For questions, contact camp@orcsgirls.org