Virtual Advanced Python Camp

Directors: Thomas Proffen, Katie Schuman, Dasha Herrmannova and Alex Shanafield

March 15 - 19, 2021

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Python is one of the fastest growing programming language and is especially popular in many areas of science. In this virtual camp the girls will get a deeper look into Python and learn how to use the Google Colab environment. They will explore the use of Python in machine learning, text mining, data science and more.

The camp will run from March 15 to 19 from 5-8pm. The girls will need access to a computer with a web browser and access to the internet. A camera and microphone are recommended for easier interaction.

While girls do not need any specific prior experience, they should have some experience with coding in general.

Participating in the camp is free and girls will be selected based on applications. If you have any questions, please email us at


Please find the (tentative) camp schedule below. We expect all campers to participate in all sessions. All sessions run from 5pm to 8pm Eastern Time.

March 15 - Introduction to Python

  • Instructor: Thomas Proffen (ORNL)

  • Python is one of the fastest growing programming language and is especially popular in many areas of science. In this sessions, we will learn the basics of Python, get to know the cool Jupyter Notebooks and venture into working with data.

March 16 - Text Mining

  • Instructor: Dasha Herrmannova (ORNL

  • Ever wondered how computers can extract information from large amounts or text? In this sessions, we will expand their Python knowledge and learn the basics of text mining and write their own Python code to extract interesting information about your favorite books and learn the basics of text sentiment analysis. And the girls will unlock the secrets of the Harry Potter Books.

March 17 - Computer Art

  • Instructors: Alex Shanafield (ORHS) and Thomas Proffen (ORNL)

  • Learn to use math and coding to its fullest potential to make beautiful patterns. We will use Python to display interesting shapes to create captivating artwork. We will cover functions to make art and dive into the beauty of fractals all while learning even more Python.

March 18 - Data Mining Quickdraw Doodles

  • Instructor: Thomas Proffen (ORNL)

  • heard of the game QuickDraw? Google released a dataset of over 50 million drawings across 345 categories and we can use all our Python skills to data mine these data and answer questions like 'Do people in different countries draw bread differently?'.

March 19 - Machine Learning

  • Instructor: Katie Schuman (ORNL)

  • All around us tools are getting smarter from voice recognition to finding faces in pictures thanks to machine learning. Wonder how this works? We will cover the basics of machine learning, and gain some hands-on experience by running a machine learning example in Python.