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Online classes

We are offering online classes on coding and technology for girls in grades 5-9. Watch this page as we are adding events. To participate in any of the classes, simply use the 'Register here' button below. Also check the FAQ below about our online classes.

Upcoming events

Please note, all times are in Eastern Time. Events are open to girls attending grades 5-9 after the summer break.

May 30 - Python Mini Camp 🎪

10am to 3pm

Python is one of the fastest growing programming language and is especially popular in many areas of science. In this class girls will learn the basics of Python, get to know the cool Jupyter Notebooks and venture into working with data. In the afternoon the girls will get to know some of the coolest algorithms and code them in Python. Our Mini camps have a lunch break noon - 1pm. Instructor and volunteers stay online and girls can stay online and chat.

June 6 - Make a Website Using HTML/CSS

10am to noon

In this class, girls will learn the elements of HTML and CSS and use them to create a website. Using a text editor and web browser, students will edit web page templates and use them to make their own website.

June 13 - Text Mining Mini Camp 🎪

10am to 3pm

Ever wondered how computers can extract information from large amounts or text? In this class the girls will learn the basics of text mining and write their own Python code to extract interesting information about your favorite books. In the afternoon girls will learn the basics of text sentiment analysis. Our Mini camps have a lunch break noon - 1pm. Instructor and volunteers stay online and girls can stay online and chat.

June 20 - Finding Answers using Databases

10am to noon

Data, Data, Everywhere! Databases contain tons of information. MongoDB, a popular open source database is built around solving problems of modern applications like mobile apps, large volumes of data. Using examples around NoSQL databases students will learn different database language subsets, how information is stored in MongoDB, and how to access and find information.

June 27 - Machine Learning Mini Camp 🎪

10am to 3pm

All around us tools are getting smarter from voice recognition to finding faces in pictures thanks to machine learning. Wonder how this works? In this class girls will learn about the basics of machine learning, and gain some hands-on experience by running a machine learning example using Google's Teachable Machine. Our Mini camps have a lunch break noon - 1pm. Instructor and volunteers stay online and girls can stay online and chat.

July 11 - You can Code

10am to noon

Think coding is hard? Everyone can code. Join us at the workshop to get started. We use Blockly, a drag and drop language to instruct the computer. We will be trying a number of puzzles, mazes and games to explore sequential events, selection and repetition. After, students will be able to access the web pages at home to continue their learning. This is the perfect class to get started.

July 18 - 3D Printing

10am to noon

Three Dimensional printing is a new phenomenon in the tech world, and it is an amazing way to bridge the software and physical worlds. Students will learn about 3D printing principles, learn about downloading, customizing and creating their own objects using open source software - and they will be able to have their design 3D printed.

July 27 - Making Video Games Mini Camp 🎪

10am to 3pm

Did you know that most video games use a physics engine to control how objects behave, roll, fall and in general behave based on real world or alien planets physics laws? In this workshop the girls will create your own 3D game and explore game physics using CoSpaces ( Our Mini camps have a lunch break noon - 1pm. Instructor and volunteers stay online and girls can stay online and chat.

More classes

Check out more online classes offered by TechGirlz here.

Frequently asked questions

What equipment do I need?

All you need to participate is a computer or tablet and connection to the Internet. You will also need speakers or headphones and a microphone. While having a camera makes interactions with the other girls and instructors more lively, it is not strictly required.

What software are you using?

Check out our new instructions video.

We use Google Meet (formerly Google Hangouts) for our meetings. You can join from a web browser using the link we email out before the class. Some of the activities work best using Google Chrome as browser. You can also participate from a tablet or phone using the Google Hangout App, however some of the online activities might not work on these devices. Of course you can use a phone or tablet to sign into the class and a computer to do the online activities.

Below is a schematic of what you will see. It is important that you mute yourself when not talking to avoid audio feedback (or in other words loud noises). Don;t forget to un-mute yourself when speaking 😎

I cannot hear anyone, what do I do?

Make sure your volume is turned up. If you still cannot hear, you might need to select the correct speakers in Google Meet under Settings as shown on the schematic below.

Nobody can hear me, what do I do?

First make sure you are not muted. If people still cannot hear you, you might need to select the correct microphone input in Google Meet under Settings as shown on the schematic above.

How do I ask questions or get help?

Use the chat feature (see screenshot above) and ask your question. One of the volunteers will respond. In case of trouble shooting, they may ask you so speak with them and/or share your screen. Beware that if you share your full screen, everyone in the session can see it.

The audio is really bad, what do I do?

Try turning captions on to see a written transcript of the conversation (look for the button next to present now). While the text is not always accurate and sometimes even funny, it helps following along. If Internet bandwidth is the issue, disabling your video might help.

More questions?

Email them to us at and we will respond and add them here.