Online classes

We are offering free online classes on coding and technology aimed at girls in grades 5-8. High School students in grades 9-10 are also welcome to join. Watch this page as we are adding events. Please note, all times are in Eastern Time. Our no-show and repeat class policies apply to our online events.

To participate in any of the classes, simply use the 'Register here' button below. Also check the FAQ below about our online classes. Sessions with the hour glass icon () are full, but you can register to be added to the waiting list.

Difficulty rating: ⭐- no experience needed, ⭐⭐ - some coding experience helpful , ⭐⭐⭐ - some coding experience needed


October 8 - Machine Learning Mini Camp ⭐⭐ - 🎪

10am to 3pm - Eastern Time.

All around us tools are getting smarter from voice recognition to finding faces in pictures thanks to machine learning. Wonder how this works? In this class girls will learn about the basics of machine learning, and gain some hands-on experience by running a machine learning example using Googles Teachable Machine. Our Mini camps have a lunch break noon - 1pm.

October 29 - Introduction to Python ⭐⭐

10am to noon - Eastern Time.

Python is one of the fastest growing programming language and is especially popular in many areas of science. In this class girls will learn the basics of Python, get to know the cool Jupyter Notebooks and venture into working with data.


November 5 - Coding with Swift ⭐⭐ - 🆕

10am to noon - Eastern Time.

Swift ( is a robust and intuitive programming language created by Apple. It is intended as a replacement for C-based languages. Curious? In this class girls will learn about the basics of Swift, use a compiler and write their own program.

November 19 - Internet of Things ⭐⭐

10am to noon - Eastern Time.

From color changing lights to garage door openers to smart refrigerators, more and more devices are connected via the Internet. So how does it work? Learn all about the Internet of Things and what it takes to control a light emitting diode (LED) through the Internet. You will build a circuit, program firmware and create a webpage to control the LED. Sounds hard? Join the workshop and you will be an Internet of Things expert in no time.


December 3 - Cartoons from Scratch

10am to noon - Eastern Time.

Do you like cartoons? Come to the Cartoons from Scratch class to learn how to make 2D animations using Scratch. This class is very friendly to those with no coding experience.

December 17 - Introduction to Circuits and MicroControllers ⭐ - 🆕

10am to noon - Eastern Time.

Ever wondered about electronics, circuits and how microcontrollers work? In this class the girls will use Tinkercad Circuits to build and simulated electronics and run code on a microcontroller to check buttons, blink lights and more. This class is suitable for beginners.