Online classes

We are offering free online classes on coding and technology for girls in grades 5-8. Watch this page as we are adding events. Please note, all times are in Eastern Time. Our no-show and repeat class policies apply to our online events.

To participate in any of the classes, simply use the 'Register here' button below. Also check the FAQ below about our online classes. Sessions with the hour glass icon () are full, but you can register to be added to the waiting list.

Difficulty rating: ⭐- no experience needed, ⭐⭐ - some coding experience helpful , ⭐⭐⭐ - some coding experience needed


May 28 - What is Blockchain and how does it work? ⭐ - 🆕

10am to noon - Eastern Time

Blockchain technology can be a game-changer in many fields from crypto currency to digital health records. You probably heard the term, but what is it? In this class the girls will learn about the concept and put it into action by being part of a blockchain.


Our first three classes in June are all using the CoSpaces platform. Girls are encouraged to signup for all three of them, but classes can be attended individually.

June 4 - Introduction to VR

10am to noon - Eastern Time

Virtual Reality or the ability to step inside another world. Learn about how Virtual Reality (VR) works, create your very own virtual world using CoSpaces ( This class combines creativity in creating a 3D virtual world with coding to make it come alive. Having an iPhone or Android phone is very helpful in exploring VR, but not required to attend.

June 11 - Game Physics

10am to noon - Eastern Time

Did you know that most video games use a physics engine to control how objects behave, roll, fall and in general behave based on real world or alien planets physics laws? In this workshop you will create your own 3D game and explore game physics using CoSpaces (

June 18 - Augmented Reality ⭐ - 🆕

10am to noon - Eastern Time

Augmented reality is a fast growing field allowing digital objects to appear in the physical world. Learn about how Augmented Reality (AR) works, add your very own virtual items to your world using CoSpaces ( and the Merge Cube. To experience AR a smart phone or tablet that can run the CoSpaces App is required.

June 25 - Dancing with AI ⭐ - 🎪

10am to 3pm- Eastern Time

Machine learning and artificial intelligence allow us to design interactive, movement-focused systems using a camera that were impossible just a few years back. In this mini-camp the girls will learn the basics of machine learning and create there own interactive program. They will learn how to use Googles Teachable machine and PoseBlocks, a version of the popular Scratch with machine learning extensions. Our Mini camps have a lunch break noon - 1pm.